Motorola first smart TV : AD Analysis

Motorola launched New smart TV. Below is the AD video. Can this AD make people to buy Motorola first TV? let us do analysys. 

Length of AD video ( ★★★☆☆) – Ad length is around 50 sec,  Ideally AD length should be around 30  second. 

Focus  on Product  ( ★★★☆☆) – Feature of product is shown  through by correlating with other things, like, party, car driving etc, There may be chances that many people will not be able correlate  product feature with shown stuff.

Brand Display ( ★★★★★)- This AD perfectly shows the brand. People will certainly remember the Brand in this AD.

Pros – Story Line, theme,  picturization are very nice. People will  sure see this ad with some interest and will remember it because this ad is something different. Actors are very good looking. Mostly, people will not skip to other channel when this Motorola Smart TV AD come. 

Cons-Features of the product are shown in small font. Viewers will require to apply his mind to understand the features of product. There is no voice about the different features of the product. There is no price information ( people need to know the price range).

Posted on September 29, 2019

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